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Ocean's Twelve SE

Danny Ocean and his crew get contacted by Terry Benedict who wants his money back… PLUS interest. Apparantly, some other thief, François Toulour is jealous about Ocean’s crew and wants to proove he is the best. In order to do that, he’s given Benedict the location of Ocean’s entire crew and in order to pay Benedict back, Danny and the rest now need to pull a heist. If they succeed in doing it before Toulour, he will give them the money to pay Benedict. If not, Benedict will come after them…

Sound and Vision:
Soderbergh has a style of his own. You may say that there are quite some problems with the transfer, but in fact they are all done on purpose. The grain, the pale colors at times, the lack of detail in certain scenes, … it’s all part of Soderbergh own visual style.

The soundtrack disappoints a bit. Most of the emphasys is on the front speakers while the surrounds only get to play along a bit with the music. Quite sad for such a big budget movie.

The second disc of this “special edition” contains about half an hour of deleted scenes as well as an HBO feature that’s quite commercial. Very disappointing indeed and makes us wonder why there’s was a second disk necessary.

First of all, the reason for this 2-disc special edition completely beats me. If you’re interested in buying Ocean’s Twelve, make sure NOT to buy this version, the 1-disc will suffice more than enough as the “extras” of the special edition aren’t worth the extra money at all. That said, Ocean’s Twelve is a fun successor on the hit remake Ocean’s Eleven. However, “fun” is all you can say about it. The plot is almost the same and new elements are quite scarse. It’s clear the cast had “fun” when shooting, but that doesn’t make a good or inspiring movie. Some more thinking about the script wouldn’t have hurt.

All in all: a no-brainer that will keep you occupied for about 2 hours. Just don’t spend any money for the extras.

Our Score:

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