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Odyssey 5: The Complete Series

The crew of the Odyssey Space Shuttle is doing their job in space when suddenly they see the whole earth explode. Little later, just when they’re about to die from lack of oxygen, an alien vessel appears and saves them. The alien (who calls himself The Seeker) offers to send them 5 years back in time to give them the possibility to stop this disaster. They agree with the proposition and almost immediately find themselves back on earth, five years before. Their minds and memories are the same, but their lives and bodies are five years younger. The search for the destroyers of earth can start…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is reasonable for a TV series from 2002 but does have a soft tint from time to time which makes the amount of detail deteriorate.

The 5.1 soundtrack is nice but doesn’t add much as the surround speakers aren’t used a lot.

– Audio Commentary track by Manny Coto and Peter Weller
– Trailers

Odyssey 5 has a very interesting concept and a great cast but despite this, the show was cancelled and thus we remain with one season that has a major cliffhanger that we’ll never get to see being followed up. A real pitty as at least the first season should get some sort of finaly in my opinion. The reason for the cancellation seems to be that while the sci-fi storylines are quite decent, the emphasys towards the history of the main characters quite spoils the pace of the series and often leaves you with the feeling of “when is there something going to happen?”. Also, there are quite some inconsistencies present that for once actually do bother the viewer. All in all, the series could have gotten better if it had gotten the chance to grow and the storyline would have been given the opportunity to evolve.

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