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Of Unknown Origin

Peter “Robocop” Weller is Bart Hughes, a businessman who’s hard at work at his next project and needs a quiet environment to be able to focus completely on this. When his wife and child go to his parents in law for a while, Bart’s dream comes true and he’s able to work like a madman until some explainable things start to happen in his renovated house in the center of Manhattan. Bart quickly notices that a big rat is also running around his house so before he can continue with his work he’ll have to get rid of this animal but that’s easier said than done. Slowly but steadily, Bart gets driven mad by the rat which manages to stay out of his hands and keeps him from his work…

Sound and Vision:
For a b-movie from the 80s we get splendid image quality in anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen. There’s some grain present but for the rest we can say that the colors are great, lots of detail, sharp image and no irritating artefacts or edge enhancement. Great work from Warner!

Although there’s no 5.1 track available, the sound in mono displays clear and very good understandable dialogues while the music is adding terrificly to the atmosphere although only the front speakers are used. Maybe a bit oldfashioned but definitely good for its limited capabilities.

We get an audio commentary track where director Cosmatos and Peter Weller talk a bit about the movie but things are hardly interesting and their voices are the best cure of insomnia. Next to that there’s only a trailer of the film present.

Of Unknown Origin was released around Halloween 2003 along with a couple of other older horror and sci-fi movies and this one definitely manages to stay interesting despite the fact that it’s over 20 years old. In fact, Of Unknown Origin would quite easily be remade with modern techniques without having to cost much. Warner delivers a decent dvd with good image quality and surprisingly good sound despite it being a mono track. Some more extras wouldn’t have hurt though.

Our Score:

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