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Office Christmas Specials, The

Three years after the last episode we return to Wernham-Hogg to see what’s changed since the last time. David Brennt had to leave at the end of the second season he’s managed to get a new job as a sales representative. After he got fired, he filed a lawsuit against them which he won. With that money he made a single but his musical career didn’t go very well so now he’s selling cleaning products and dropping by every so often at the office to say hello to his former colleagues. Gareth has taken over David’s position at Werham-Hogg as we saw at the end of the second season but that doesn’t mean he’s rid of the practical jokes Tim constantly makes on him. Former receptionist Dawn and her husband meanwhile are living in the US but their career plans aren’t going too great.

As Christmas is nearing, the staff of Warnham-Hogg is preparing for the annual Christmas dinner and next to the current staff also a couple of former employees including David will be attending. When Tim hears that Dawn will be coming over from the US to attend as well, his feelings for her start coming back…

Sound and Vision:
The Office is shot like a documentary and therefore you shouldn’t expect perfect image quality. There’s quite some grain in certain dark scenes, the colors are a bit pale, and the whole is shot with a hand camera. Of course, this all makes it more “real” as a documentary. Some things that should not happen on the other hand are the compression errors you get to see in certain scenes as those have nothing to do with how the series is shot but rather with how it’s transferred to DVD. Luckily, it doesn’t get too obvious so unless you’re looking after them, you probably won’t notice any compression artefacts.

The 2.0 track that’s on the disc is more than enough for The Office you this series is completely dialogue-driven and would completely not benefit of a full 5.1 track. The dialogues are clear and understandable.

In our review of the first season of The Office, we mentioned that the “How I made The Office” feature was incredibly funny. Well, the guys from The Office must have heard as included in the extra’s is “The Office: Outside Business Hours” which is a similar making of where we get to see Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant talk about how they came to make this Christmas Special while some of the other cast get to spill their guts on how irritating Gervais is to work with. A great extra that’s definitely worth watching.

Other extras include an audio commentary track by Steve Merchant and Ricky Gervais, a short feature on the Golden Globe Awards where the series won two prizes, a videoclip of “If you don’t know me by now” sang by David Brennt and last but not least the recording of the song “Freelove Freeway” which was first shown in the first episode of season 1.

The Office was a hit series from the moment it got on television but as you can see in the extra Making Of it wasn’t so easy for Merchant and Gervais to convince the BBC to have the series on the air. Luckily for us it did and now we get another 96 minutes of pure fun while watching the special episodes and have even more fun while watching the decent extras.

Our Score:

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