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Office, The – Season 1

David Brennt (Gervais) is the regional manager for the Slough office of Wernham Hog, a paper company. He constantly wants to give the impression that he’s the best manager that you will ever find and that working for him is a joy as he keeps things funny and relaxed. Gareth Keenan (Crook) is the self-proclaimed Team Leader of the office and Brennt’s right hand man. He’s a former military man and lives by distinct rules that guide him through life although other people may find them a bit strange. Tim Canterbury (Freeman) is a sales manager who actually took on his job as a temporary solution because he wants to go back to school to study psychology. However, his pathetic life doesn’t seem to go anywhere and it looks like he’ll never get away from Wernham Hog. And then there is Dawn (Davis), the receptionist who knows Tim has feelings for her but doesn’t want to decide between him and her boyfriend.

A documentary crew follows Brennt and his people during their everyday lives at the office when they hear that their office may become redundant because of budgettary reasons

Sound and Vision:
The Office is a series that is completely filmed in one big room with a couple of desks so there’s no special effects or anything. All we can say is that we’re happy that there are no compression errors. Some aliasing is present as well as some minor edge enhancement.

Same goes for the soundtrack. Dialogues are clear and understandable but for the rest you don’t need to expect anything.

How I Made The Office: A very interesting and funny “Making Of” where the cast & crew get to give more than their say and where it becomes clear that Ricky Gervais’ acting isn’t what you’d expect. Deleted Scenes

The Office is a magnificent series that should not be left out of anyone’s collection. It’s not without reason it received several awards. David Brennt is the most horrible manager you can imagine and from time to time things aren’t even funny anymore but you’ll feel ashamed in his place. A Must-Have !

Our Score:

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