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Office, The – Season 2

In season 2, David Brennt sees his team taking over the Swindon office of Wernham Hogg but his former colleague Neil now has become his boss and he’s not really comfortable with that. His actions become more ridiculous than ever and all that just because he wants to be the most popular manager of the office…

Sound and Vision:
Like season 1, the documentary style of the series doesn’t do the image quality any good, but it fits perfectly. Compression errors are absent but we did notice some moiré and aliasing.

The soundtrack is still DD 2.0 but since special effects are absent and dialogues are crystal clear we can only say that the sound fits the series perfectly.

One major pain on the DVD we received was the menu: it was hardly possible to see where you were in the menu. While Season One has very clear black block, the dvd of Season 2 missed these so you had to guess which item was selected. I hope it was a problem on the DVD that we received and not a general issue as it can cause quite some frustration if you restart the same episode over and over again because you can’t see which one you selected.

– Bloopers
– Deleted Scenes
– Video Diary
Not really much qua extras but the Video Diary is worth checking out for once.

Season 2 sees David Brennt going down even more than before. His attempts to be popular make him ridiculous and irritate the new people from the Swindon office. The extras are a bit less than those that accompanied season 1 but the video diary is worth checking out. Image & Sound aren’t really important due to the documentary nature of the series. Great stuff you should not keep laying around in the shops

Our Score:

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