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Omega Man, The

After a deadly virus has spread around the world, killing almost all of humanity, Robert Neville (Heston), a military scientist, remains as the sole survivor human survivor. At least, that’s what he thinks. At night, he has to fight mutated people who have turned into albino zombies who cannot stand daylight anymore and tend to destroy everything that reminds them of the world as it was before the plague broke out. The solitude clearly starts to affect Neville’s sanity but when one day he finds out that there are still other normal people walking around aswell, everything changes for him and he starts looking to make a cure for the disease. However, the “Family” – as the albino’s call themselves – aren’t interested in getting back the world as it was and will do everything they can to get rid of Neville.

Sound and Vision:
Taking into consideration that this movie is pretty old, Warner did a fine job in restoring the picture. Contrast and level of detail are fine while there aren’t any major problems in scratches or dust on the film.

The Dolby Mono soundtrack isn’t anything special but there’s no noise or flaws present. Still, mono never impresses.

The extras are hardly worth watching. You can check out a 30 minute original “Making Of” but it’s quite static and lacks atmosphere. It even looks like the people have memorised their lines and are saying them up load. All but impressive… Next to that there’s also the original trailer.

We get a reasonably good movie that has decent image quality (for such an old movie) but the extras are hardly worth anything and the mono soundtrack isn’t of this time anymore.

Our Score:

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