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Once Upon A Time in America (SE)

Once Upon a Time in America tells the story of two friends, Noodles (De Niro) and Max (Woods) who grow up in New York, starting off as young hoodlums and ending up as gangsters.

Sound and Vision:
Some minor compression artefacts are visible sadly enough as this movie surely deserved to be flawless. The movie is split up on two discs and it’s the extended version but unfortunately even the “Intermediate” gets shown (on the second disc). Still, the overall picture quality is very much improved as the colors are bright and colorful.

The soundtrack doesn’t seem completely reworked as the rear channels hardly ever come into action. Where you can hear that it’s a new 5.1 track is the dialogues which sound vibrant, alive and crystal clear. As said: too bad they didn’t put in more effects for the rear channels and subwoofer.

Both discs are accompanied of commentary by Richard Schickel while the second disk also delivers an interesting documentary on Sergio Leone, one of the best directors of his time. Also a photo gallery and the theatricla trailer (which clearly shows the difference in image and sound quality) are included.

Once Upon a Time in America is an epic story about friendship and betrayal and shows just how much of a genious Leone was. This is a director we definitely miss.

The special edition dvd delivers us the extended edition (220 minutes) with cleaned up image and reworked soundtrack. Only too bad of the compression artefacts and the little use of the 5.1 potential. Don’t leave this laying around in the store!

Our Score:

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