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Once Upon a Time in Mexico

After the movie Desperado, El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas) and his wife Caroline (Salma Hayek) have gotten a little baby girl but when General Marquez finds them, he kills Caroline and the baby. El Mariachi decides to take things a little more slowly and peacefully but the corrupt CIA agent Sands (Johny Depp) thinks differently and wants to use him to keep an eye on drug baron Barillo (Dafoe) who is planning a coup against the new Mexican president with the help of Marquez. Revenge is shining in the eyes of the Mariachi…

Sound and Vision:
The movie has been entirely recorded digitally and this results in perfect image quality. Compression errors are not present and there’s absolutely nothing bad to be said. Great stuff from Columbia Tristar.

The soundtrack is pretty decent aswell although some more use of the subwoofer would not have harmed the overall experience. The dialogues remain clear and understandable at all times and the surround speakers create a nice atmospheric sound while the front speakers draw you right into the action. Good but not perfect.

– Audio commentary by Robert Rodriguez
– Deleted scenes with optional commentary (8 of them)
– Short features with background info on the film : Ten Minute Flick School, Inside Troublemaker Studio’s, Film is dead: conversation with Rodriguez, Development of the Mariachi Character, The Good, The Bad and the Bloody, Ten Minute Cooking School
– Filmographies
– Trailers
– DVD rom features

Whenever a movie comes along with “Once upon a Time in…” in the title, it immediately raises the expectations for me as they make me think of masterpieces like Once Upon a Time in the West and Once Upon a Time in America. However, this movie does not manage to meet those expectations. The characters are hardly believeable, the script is all but decent and even the shooting-scenes didn’t manage to keep me interested. It’s like Rodriguez couldn’t choose between making an atmospheric epos like Sergio Leone’s movies or an action movie a la John Woo. The result is a movie that doesn’t manage to get to the level of either of those. Technically things are very good and the additional extras are nice to check out. Good stuff from Columbia Tristar who deliver quality goods, but Rodriguez should make up his mind next time before making a movie and decide what direction he wants to go.

Our Score:

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