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One Hour Photo

Sy works at a local mall in the one-hour photo service department where he develops the films people deliver and makes sure they get the best possible quality. By doing so, he’s become quite acquainted with the Yorkin family for whom he’s developed films since the birth of their son Jake. By developing photo shoots of every major event the life of the Yorkins, Sy even finds himself almost being part of this seemingly idyllic family. When Sy looses his job after finding out that Will York is sleeping with another woman, his touch with reality finally breaks completely and he believes it is his duty to get the family back in order.

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor grain, edge enhancement and aliasing to be found in the image, but overall these small flaws are hardly noticeable and thus not disturbing. For the rest, the contrast and clarity are good, just like the amount of detail and how the different color palettes are portrayed.

The soundtrack is subtle but good. The surround speakers are used for environment sounds and music while dialogues are perfect and constantly positioned at the center speaker. Same goes for the subwoofer which gets into action to increase the tention when necessary.

The audio commentary track with director Romanek and Williams is pretty good while the promotional “Making Of” shows the usual stuff of interviews combined with some behind-the-scenes footage. The Charlie Rose Show is a talkshow where Williams and Ramonek should give some insight into the movie, but Williams keeps trying to steal the show with jokes. Not really in-depth stuff but entertaining. Anatomy of a Scene is a rather interesting disection of a particular scene in One Hour Photo where we get to see some behind-the-scenes footage along with interviews with cast and crew. Pretty cool.

One Hour Photo is not your everyday thriller. The slow pace might give you the impression that you’re watching a drama rather than something that should put you on the tip of your seat, but while the end nears, you’ll see Sy transforming from a rather pittyful employee to the obsessed psychopath he really is. Robin Williams is performing at the highest level and this gives the movie an extra edge. The extra features might not be top of the line but are certainly worth to check out.

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