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One Missed Call

Beth Raymond is a student who’s having a party when one of her friends suddenly gets a voicemail call. As such nothing special but the message left on the answering machine is actually from herself and appears to be from the future!

At first they don’t really think too much about it, but when little later Beth’s friend gets killed, and another one gets a voicemail things start to change. Beth believes that someone or something is sending messages that result in imminent death but nobody seems to believe her. Except for detective Jack Andrews that is. His own sister received a similar message right before she died and he’s been looking to find out what happened ever since…

Sound and Vision:
We get good image and sound quality that is on par with what we’ve come to expect these days. There are no obnoxious compression errors and everything looks quite sharp and detailed.

The sound does a nice job as well with good use of the surround channels for effects and musicwhile dialogues remain crystal clear at all times.


One Missed Call is yet another remake of a Japanese movie (being “Chakushin Ari” from 2003 in this case) and to be honest: we’re getting tired of them.

Where previous remakes used to still get some B or even A-list actors, this one has to do with people from the C list at best (the overall performances being average at best). Next to that we get a storyline that’s rather predictable with plot twists you can see coming from miles away and hints that can’t help but remind of some of the lesser sequels to Final Destination. Add to that visual effects that we’ve seen so many times there’s nothing ‘scary’ about them anymore and you get an idea of what to expect.

This is just another horror flic that has to make money without costing too much and while some movies with budget constraints manage to surprise in some way, this one doesn’t. Predictable and hardly interesting.

Our Score:

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