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Others, The

Nicole Kidman is Grace Stewart, a somewhat neurotic but very beautiful mother of 2 children who are allergic to light. Due to this disease, the house where they live constantly has to have the blinds closed as even the slightest light intensity can immediately result in an allergic reaction, ultimately causing her children’s death. One day, all her servants disappear but luckily, three new servants come knocking on the door: Mrs. Mills, Lydia and Mr.Tuttle.

The new helpers soon find their way and things seem to settle when suddenly strange things start to happen in the house: the piano starts playing of its own, doors open and close although they should always be locked and furniture gets moved without anyone touching it. Is the house haunted ? Or are the new servants not who they say they are ?

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good with enough contrast in the many dark scenes. Unfortunately a couple of compression errors can be found and from time to time some grain appears aswell.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track is superb and creates a very good scary atmosphere. Also all surround channels aswell as the subwoofer are well used.

Except for some promotion on other movies, no extras are present on this disk. Very sad.

The Others is a movie with an extremely slow pace but although you might think that might be boring, the tention is always present, creating a very interesting film. Also Nicole Kidman’s extremely good performance as the rather cold mother who does everything to protect her children is astonishing

Our Score:

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