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Our Ratings

Game Review Ratings:

10 – Perfect: We don’t believe in perfection, but this is as close a game can come to such perfection. Excellent gameplay that never gets broken, games that should definitely to miss from your collection

9 – Excellent: Excellent games that may have a few imperfections but which we would certainly recommend to anyone

8 – Very Good: Very good games that shiny in certain areas making them definitely worth a try

7 – Good: Most games that are worked out decently and deliver some fun fall into this rating

6 – Almost Good: Games that have potential to be good but don’t completely manage to live up to it or games that appeal to a niche market but are too specific to entertain a large audience

5 – Average: Games that really don’t manage to stand out of the crowd in a positive way.

4 – Bad: Games that fail to have an interesting concept and also don’t manage to work very well regarding gameplay or on a technical aspect.

3 – Very Bad: Buggy games you really shouldn’t spend your money on

2, 1, 0 – Absurdly Bad: That someone dares to release something like this shows there are still people out there who want to make money on the back of unsuspecting soccer moms who hope to do their kid a favor.

BLU/DVD Review Ratings:

It’s important to know that Fragland’s rating of Blu-ray or DVD releases stand for the full package and not only the movie/series. Also the techniacl aspects as well as possible extras are taking into account when we score such a release. As such, a decent movie can get a similar score as a classic if it has some really good extras and also delivers superior quality in image and sound.

10 – Perfect: These are the true classics that shouldn’t be left out of any collection, and next to the quality of the movie you also get excellent image and sound as well as interesting extras.

9 – Excellent: Classics or very good movies with top quality in image and sound as well as extras. Releases any movie lover should have.

8 – Very Good: Very good releaes, or good movies/series which thanks to superior technical aspect and/or extras manages to score that extra point. Releases we have no problem with suggesting.

7 – Good: Releases that are good without really shining but manage to appeal to the general audience.

6 – Almost Good: Good movies/series which don’t really offer much else as a DVD/BLU release, or movies/series that will appeal to a certain niche market and we would suggest to rent first.

5 – Average: Movies/series that don’t manage to stand out of the crowd and also as retail release don’t offer anything additionally. A possible rent, or something to buy when found in discount.

4 – Bad: Movies/series that really don’t manage to convince or disappoint so hard in the technical aspect that they ruin the movie experience.

3 – Very Bad: Bad movies & series which also disappoint on a technical level.

2, 1, 0 – Absurdly Bad: So bad that it isn’t even funny anymore. We wonder how someone ever came to the idea of giving money to have this made, let alone be released on DVD/BLU