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Outlaw 2-disc SE

Bryant is a soldier who’s just come back to London from being on mission in Iraq when he finds out his wife has an affair with someone else. Quite desillusioned by that, as well as the fact that he can hardly recognise London anymore thanks to the violence and the police doing nothing about it, he goes to a sleazy hotel to stay the night. There he meets Simon Hillier who proposes him to do something about it. With a couple of like-minded people they get together and gear up to take on the organisation of Manning, one of the biggest gangsters in town who’s got most of the police in his pocket…

Sound and Vision:
The image is almost completely without red which gives a very stylized quality with lots of green and yellow combined with white and black thanks to the very high level of contrast. Compression errors are thin but there’s some aliasing present in some scenes. Still, the most bothering thing about the image is the way the director shot the movie. It’s like shaky-cam time… all the time! Horrible. The constant refocusing and moving of the image after a while really starts to irritate and make you want to turn off the dvd. Really, I’m not kidding!

The sound is pretty good with decent use of the surround speakers while the dialogues remain clear and understandable at all times. The subwoofer also gets its piece of the action so the addition of the DTS track is a nice one.

Lots of the usual stuff again from Dutch Filmworks. If you actually managed to enjoy the movie (which would surprise me to be honest), you can have fun with a making of, deleted scenes, video diaries, a couple of features and interviews with cast & crew, liner notes, trailers and a photo gallery.

If you’re looking for a decent action movie about revenge and the likes, please go look elsewhere. Outlaw may have a nice concept, but even if you manage to watch longer than 30 minutes to the shaky-cam footage you’ll end up with wishing you hadn’t wasted 100 minutes of your life on this. The entire movie is boring as hell and all the background info you get about the characters only makes you want to shout at the director to “get a move on you idiot!”.

Nah, better leave Outlaw alone on the store shelves.

Our Score:

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