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P.N. 03

Vanessa Z Schneider is very beautiful. These days beautiful girls are usually dangerous (T3, Tomb Raider, Oni, ..) so Vanessa is no exception to that rule. In her Aegis suit she gets ready to avenge her parents. “What’s that?” you say?

The story goes like this:
In the far future planetary colonisation is taking place. A detail which has no apparent connection to that fact is that the army hands over it’s defensive weapons to C.A.M.S (Computerized Armament Management System). C.A.M.S goes haywire on a colony and starts slaughtering the colonists.

Vanessa who accidentally happens to be a mercenary AND is out to avenge her parents who are killed by an army of robots is sent to the planet to “clean” the problem.

She has an Aegis suit (upgradable/swappable) which is her only weapon. It has two types of attacks: the palm shot (which is an auto aiming peashooter) and an energy drive, a massive attack weapon that allows you to destroy multiple enemies at once, without aiming.

The game takes place in an underground maze-like complex building filled with killer robots who are very predictable and suffer from a bad AI. They keep doing the same moves over and over again. One would assume that Capcom would use the processing power of the GC for somehting more than just graphics.

The graphics aren’t very interesting or groundbreaking. Mostly white, nothing spectacular.. move along. Nothing special about the sound either. The music is DnB’ish and makes Vanessa dance to the beat whenever she isn’t running or killing robots.

I think the main gameplay target of Capcom was to make it replayable: you have to finish the game as fast as possible with a huge high-score, so that you can beat that record the next time you play.
Interesting concept, but it’s been done before.

This Arcadish has had trouble tickling my intrest, mainly due to limited movement of Vanessa: why can’t she be more agile like Lara Croft? all Vanessa does is run, jump and duck (I’m not counting the dodge and turn moves)

Maybe the special suits and weapons could be a reason to play PN03, or maybe not.

Conclusion: only buy this game if you’re a capcom fan, otherwise, stear clear of this product.

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