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On Christmas eve, Angelag Bridges is working late while her family is waiting for her to arrive. When she’s finally done, the building is almost completely deserted and when her car doesn’t seem to work anymore, she meets a nice security guard Thomas who’s willing to help. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much that he can do so she decides to call a cab. When it arrives, however, all doors seem to be locked and there’s no way for her to get out. The only option left is to go back to the garage and try to find a way to leave the building through there, but that isn’t as easy as you might think…

Sound and Vision:
P2 has decent image quality but does suffer from some macro blocking. This never gets too disturbing though so unless you’re really on the lookout you probably won’t notice. Not perfect but good enough for a low budget film.

It’s strange but while Warner usually sticks with Dolby Digital tracks, this budget release does get a DTS track. You won’t hear us whine about it though as the sound quality is excellent and puts you right in the middle of the action. Good stuff!

– Making Of: A New Level of Fear: pretty standard Making Of and it only lasts for 12 minutes so you have an idea of what to expect
– Designing Terror: cast & crew members talk about shooting the movie in a garage. A bit on the short side to be really interesting though
– Introducing: Franck Khalfoun: three minutes where the director talks about his way of working. Next to that also some quotes from cast & crew pass by.

Franck Khalfoun has made his debut with P2 and as usual it isn’t all too original. Eventhough the setting isn’t something you see in every horror movie that passes by, the storyline and plot twists are quite predictable and never manage to surprise. Fans of the genre may want to check this one out as it’s craftly made but it never surprises or does anything above normal for this type of films. Decent but not outstanding.

Our Score:

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