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Pac 'n Roll

First of all, let me reassure the gamers with Pac-man phobia. No, this is not another game with the eaten-for-a-quarter pizza in the head role! Well, in fact it is, but now he’s round and rolling happily from one side to another. Let me welcome you to the wonderful 3D Pac-Man world.

The story is so interesting (*cough*) that I won’t hold it for you. So come and sit in the cosy story corner en take a pillow. Oh, and try not to spill your milk or chocolate milk! “Once, a long time ago, when Pac-man was still a little boy – well eum, a little ball – he spend the summer at the house of the Big Ghost Hunter, Pac-Master. But one day, Pac-Master was beaten by Golvis, a rock-‘n’-rolling ghost from space! This ghost was so strong, eating a power pill wasn’t even enough to beat him. No one from de Pac-humans could take him on, and everybody was captured in balls. Everyone… except our Pac-Man. He was saved by a beautiful, sweet ferry, so he could travel around the world in search of a way to destroy Golvis.”

Now that we have had this small talk, we can talk about what’s really important: collecting as many diamonds as possible. Easier said than done. You start in the first level of the first world. By rubbing the touch screen with your stylus you move the cute, yellow ball. You manoeuvre it along the ghosts and to the little balls, take the obstacles and get to the finish pretty fast. To the next stage! Before you know it, you unlocked the second world, but it’s becoming clear. You ain’t getting any diamonds, unless you accidentally find one that was hidden in a stage.

So, to collect diamonds, there’s more to it then just getting to the finish. A first possibility is collecting ALL little balls in a stage. That seems simple, but it isn’t always like that. Often, there are secret hallways or levels you can only reach if you eat a transformation object. Do you start noticing the difference with the old Pac-Man? In total, there are three of those.

A piece of chocolate wrapped in white paper gives you a funny little knight helmet which makes you heavier than normal. This way, you can roll on the bottom of a water pool, you become more resistant against the wind, but you’re also much heavier, so you move less fast. You are now capable of breaking wooden boxes as well as iron ones with a Burst-move (moving the stylus from one side of the touch screen to another).

A piece of chocolate in a pink wrapping makes you feather light. This way, you’re capable of floating in the air of on the water. The disadvantage is: one blow of the wind and you fall of the platform and loose a life.

A piece of brown chocolate makes you back your normal self. With the Burst-move you can now only open wooden boxes.

A second way is the Time Attack mode. As the name lets you expect, you’ll have to try to race to the finish as fast as possible. The times you have to beat are really insane. You’ll have to practice a lot and know each obstacle by heart before you will succeed.

As you collect more diamonds, you get – at random stages – a third possibility: the Challenge mode. This can include almost everything: get to the finish before time runs out and eat a certain amount of little balls or ghosts (after eating a power pill). Or the other way around, stay within a certain time while you may only eat a few or even none of the little balls and ghosts. The course is always the same, but sometimes you start at a different place. Moreover, there will be much more little balls on the field if your mission is to eat none or only a few!

Of course, your life gauge decreases when you fall in the hands of a ghost. You have to get rid of it as fast as you can. You do this by tapping the ghost on the touch screen a few times. If your life gauge is empty or you fall of the course, than you loose a life. Of course, you’ll find objects lying around that fill your life meter up again or that give you an extra life.

All in all, Pac ’n Roll is fun for a quick break. There is a lot of variation and the difficulty is surprisingly high. If you have collected enough diamonds, you unlock a seventh world, the original Pac-Man! In short, Pac ‘n Roll gives you hours of fun, but it is and stays what it is: Pac-Man in 3D. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to pay for that.

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