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Pacifier, The

Luitenant Shane Wolfe (Vin Diesel) is one of the best Navy Seals. After a failed mission to retrieve a scientist who’s created a program called “Ghost”, he’s ordered to stay with the family of the guy and protect them while his boss and the wife get the content of her late husbands’ locker. While babysitting, he also has to search for Ghost and make sure that if he finds it, enemy forces do not get it. Oh, and he also has to make sure the kids are safe of course…

Sound and Vision:
Except for some minor occasional grain or a small compression error, Bunea Vista delivers a very good transfer with sharp and detailed image without any damage or dots. Good stuff!

The soundtrack is very dynamic for a comedy with lots of use of the surround channels and subwoofer. Although it’s a comedy, there’s plenty of action and the Dolby Digital 5.1 track does its job excellent.

– Deleted Scenes
– Gagreel
– Backstage Disney: several extras that shed a light on the making of this movie including an audio commentary track

What is it with action heroes in Hollywood? Is there some unwritten law that whenever some actor is great in action movies, he has to do comedies with kids as well? The Pacifier has nothing original, nothing extremely funny, lots of unrealistic events, a ton of overacting and I’m sure your 10 year old kids will love it. Everyone else keep away from this movie and wait until Vind Diesel goes back to what he can do best: plain action movies.

Our Score:

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