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After Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy) let Jacob Sternwood escape years ago after a heist and remained with a bullet in his leg, his career kinda went downhill. He’s still one of the better cops in the department but the fire that used to drive him has started burning quite a bit smaller. When Sternwoods son […]


Fast & Furious 6


In Fast 5 Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his friends has to take on agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) as well as a Brazilian drug lord. That Hobbs doesn’t like people who get kids addicted ended up nicely for Teretto and towards the end of the movie the two hadn’t become friends, but they did […]


Iron Man 3


After having beaten the alien invasion lead by Loki with the help of the other superheroes in “The Avengers”, Tony Stark realises that there’s a ton of work to be done to be able to withstand any and all possible future threats. That he almost died didn’t leave him cold either and he regularly suffers […]


South Park – Season 16


South Park is not soutable for children. To make sure you don’t accidentally show this cartoon to your critters we even get this notice on screen before we start this already sixteenth season. And to be honest; you little ones probably won’t like it at all as the show isn’t quite on the level of […]


Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome


The reboot of Battlestar Galactica in 2003, and the following series of 2004 to 2009, were an absolute hit. The critics as well as the viewers really appreciated the sci-fi epic regarding the survivors of the Cylon attack on the 12 colonies and their voyage to the long lost 13th colony (Earth) and it didn’t […]


Cloud Atlas


Everything’s connected. That’s the premisse of Cloud Atlas and to prove this statement we get six stories on our plate that get shown in pieces, influence each other, and span multiple centuries. A notary who crosses the ocean in 1849 and discovers the inhumanity of slavery, a gay musician who starts working for a composer […]


Dexter – Season 7


For six seasons already our favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, has been keeping house in sunny Florida and many criminal who managed to evade the police ended up on his table. In just about every season he got a formidable opponent who made his life difficult and next to that he also had to try […]


Star Trek: Into Darkness


After the succesful 2009 reboot under the lead of none other than JJ Abrams it looked like there was new life in Star Trek. A fresh alternate universe, the iconic characters from the first series returned, and the least that could be said about the cast is that they’ve got talent. From the moment Into […]


Spartacus: Vengeance


In Spartacus: Blood and Sand we saw how the gladiators of the house of Batiatus under the lead of Spartacus rose up against their masters and fought for their freedom. The lead role was played by Andy Whitfield who portrayed the legendary gladiator phenomenally and even managed to outperform Kirk Douglas (who played Spartacus in […]


Sony @ Gamescom

PlayStation gamescom 2013 Press Conference Killzone Shadow Fall – gamescom MP Trailer Set thirty years after the events of the Killzone trilogy, the world of Killzone: Shadow Fall is a very different place. Forced together by circumstance, the two rival factions of the Helghast and the Vektans live side by side in a futuristic city, […]


EA @ Gamescom

Battlefield 4 (Official Premium Video): BF4 Premium gives you early access to themed digital expansion packs, new weekly content and exclusive personalization options Battlefield 4 (Official “Paracel Storm” Multiplayer Trailer): Watch intense and dramatic naval combat on swelling seas and stormy oceans, with 64-player action in the Battlefield 4 “Paracel Storm” map. Titanfall (Official Gamescom […]


Ubisoft @ Gamescom

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Accolade Trailer): Splinter Cell: Blacklist (J Cole Trailer): The Official Splinter Cell Blacklist launch trailer featuring the song “Miss America” by J. Cole Fighter Within: Unleash your inner fighter to beat your friends with your bare knuckles. Tom Clancy’s The Division (Companion Gaming): Introducing the simultaneous, asymmetric, revolutionary companion application of Tom […]


Microsoft @ Gamescom

The Best Games Are on Xbox One With blockbuster exclusives, brand new franchises and games that will have exclusive or early access downloadable content, the best games are on Xbox One Official Call of Duty ®: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Trailer Are you ready for the next generation of Call of Duty multiplayer? Call of Duty®: […]


Bullet to the Head


The Expendables brought the return of the muscle that clustered us to the big white screen in the 80s. The heroes from back then are back and that’s also the case with uncomplicated stories that run on simple concepts and most of all no-nonsense action. In Bullet to the Head we follow Sylvester Stallone as […]


Shameless – Season 1 (US)


The Gallaghers aren’t what you would call your average family. Mom has left years ago and dad Frank lives from (an injustly obtained) disability fee which he lovingly spends on booze and drugs while for the rest he’s mainly occupied at feeling victimized by all the injustice in the world. Oldest daughter Fiona is Frank’s […]


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