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Panic Room

Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) has divorced from her husband and has just bought a new house to live in with her daughter. Inside the building is a special room called the Panic Room. This is where people can get shelter and be protected when someone decides to break in. There’s a seperate ventilation system, seperate phone, guard system, etc. Everything to make a paranoid rich man happy. Meg doesn’t really like the room, but during their first night in the new house, three burglars enter, looking for several millions of the previous owner which should still be inside somewhere. Meg and her daughter Sarah manage to escape to the panic room just in time, but once there, Meg realises that she has forgotten to have the seperate phone reconnected. Meg and Sarah may be safe from the burglars, but there’s no way of escaping with the men still wandering around and no means of contacting the outside world. They’re trapped.

Sound and Vision:
There are loads of dark scenes in Panic Room and the shadow detail is extremely well done in this transfer just like the contrast and the overall amount of detail. There’s some minor grain and hardly noticeable edge enhancement but compression errors are absent. Really a great transfer !

The soundtrack is really sublime with lots of effects that are aggressively coming out of the surround channels while the front speakers add to the atmosphere and the center speaker pours out crystal clear dialogues at all times. The subwoofer nicely supports all this is adds to the overall atmosphere with a nice low rumbling. Impressive !

Only a teaser trailer and some filmographies. Not really something you look forward to.

Panic Room sees Jodie Foster in an action movie again after quite a while. While the entire movie is located in only one location, the movie tries to keep you interested and the tention high. Personally I wasn’t all too impressed with Panic Room though as there isn’t enough of a storyline or decent action to keep me interested, but I’m sure there will be lots of people out there that really dig this film. Technically there is absolutely nothing to complain about, Columbia Tristar has delivered an almost perfect transfer. Only very sad to see that there aren’t any decent extras.

Our Score:

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