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Bo Laramie is a rising star after his first action movie does extremely well at the box office but with the success also come the paparazzi who never leave you alone. New to this, Bo gets a little upset when a tabloid publishes pictures of him and his wife while they’re nude in their house. When little later, he nicely asks a photographer not to take pictures from his son, and the guy does it anyway, he looses his temper and hits him in the face. Unfortunately for him it was a setup and the whole attack was shot on film by a couple of friends of Rex Harper, the paparazzi supreme who’s gotten a name for himself by getting celebrities attack him and then sueing them for a lot of money.

As Bo refuses to apologise to Rex, Rex and his friends decide to make his life miserable and follow him anywhere he goes. They even end up in a car chase where they block Bo and his family so they can take pictures at high speed but this results in a terrible accident where Bo’s car is heavily damaged and his wife and kid get hurt. This is the last drop for Bo and he decides to strike back with deadly force…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is certainly decent with good contrast, nice amount of detail, and no compression errors or grain or anything.

RCV is really going too far with their idea of releasing recent movies at a budget price. A stereo track??? What the hell? What happened to Dolby Digital 5.1 ??? You’re not going to tell me this movie was playing in theatres with a stereo track now will you? Total crap !

None, nada, niente. RCV doesn’t even take the trouble to deliver us a menu.

First of all, forget the names on the cover. Ok, Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughey, Vince Vaughn (not even credited) and Chris Rock do starr in Paparazzi, but their combined appearance comes down to about 30 seconds. Quite a cheap trick to get people to buy a dvd that’s actually good enough on its own. Cole Hauser does a decent job as Bo Laramie and although the script is a bit far-fetched, some elements that have come forward in newspapers about paparazzi doing really over-the-top stuff are nicely integrated. Even the chase that ends up in an accident made me think about Princess Diana getting killed. Also the other “real” actors like Dennis Farina, Daniel Baldwin and Tom Sizemore are doing a fine job.

On the technical and ethical side, I’m reall pissed at RCV. First of all, the cover states “Mel Gibson’s Paparazzi” while in fact, Gibson was just one of the producers. Secondly, the actors that are named on the cover hardly have any lines to say and are of absolutely no meaning to the story. Thirdly: what’s up with the sound? Why don’t we get a decent surround track? I’m sure the action scenes would benefit a lot from it. And it’s not like the disk is full already with all the extras that aren’t included, now is it? Last up: What’s with RCV and menus? All recent releases I’ve seen from this publisher don’t even include a menu. Talk about cheap!

Unless you think this is a fantastic movie (it’s just above weekend-movie level imho) I would most definitely not give any money on this release except for renting it. It’s about time RCV realises they can no longer deliver such badly finished products.

Our Score:

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