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The DC Mini is a revolutionary device that can be used to enter people’s dreams and as such get them to cope with inner struggles. However, when it gets stolen, people start dying because their dreams start becoming alive to them. When the cyber terrorist starts to infect more and more people, and dreams and reality start flowing over to each other, Chiba Atsuko and detective Kogawa Toshimi are possibly the only ones to stop the madness from spreading.

Sound and Vision:
Paprika is an extremely colorful anime movie and it’s a true feast for the eyes. Nothing to complain on the image except for a very small inconsistency during one of the first scenes where we saw a minor compression error.

The sound is magnificent and the dream world sounds bring a smile to your face. Truly fantastic.

– Audio Commentary
– Tsutsui and Kon’s Paprika
– A Conversation about the Dream
– The Dream CG World
– The Art of Fantasy

Fans of Japanese anime can rejoice as we get again a top notch release with Paprika. Much like those other top anime’s, Paprika tackles technology again with a very phylosophical angle and this results in a movie that completely jumps out of the screen and takes you on a ride for almost 90 minutes. Colors will be flowing over the screen in a way that you might even think you’re on LSD or something but it’s all part of the spectacle Paprika is. The movie can be put on the same level as Ghost in the Shell and Akira without a doubt and similar to those, you’ll end up with a feeling of “what the hell have I just seen”, giving you plenty to think about for the next hour or so. Typically top-anime and that’s how it has to be!

Add to that good image and sound quality and a bunch of good extras and you’ve got an anime you shouldn’t leave on store shelves

Our Score:

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