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Paranormal Activity 4

paranormalactivity4The paranormal activity doesn’t seem to stop. Five years after Katie and Hunter disappeared we’re now in another town where we meet Alex and her family. Alex’ parents are having marital issues but pretend nothing is wrong to not upset their daughter Alex and their adopted son Wyatt.

Some time after the new neighbours settled in, the woman next doors get taken to the hospital and to help her, Alex’ parents decide to take in her son Robbie and take care of him until his mom is back to her old self. As soon as Robbie – a quiet boy who seems to have a more than normal interest in Wyatt – starts to live in the house, however, all kinds of strange things start to happen and as Alex doesn’t trust it she confides her thoughts to her boyfriend Ben who has the perfect solution: all computers in the house have webcams and these can be turned on 24/7 so that everything that happens gets recorded…

Paranormal Activity 4 continues the story that ended in part 2. The images are a bit better in quality this time due to the better technology used but for the rest you can expect more of the same. Only the scenes where we see an inventive use of the Xbox360s motion sensing bring some originality to the franchise. However, it’s not enough to really convince as besides the finale it’s mostly waiting until we see something happen that should scare you. As such not a big problem, and it’s also what made the franchise great, but in the mean time we’ve gotten used to it already.

Part 4 brings nothing new, treads the same paths as the previous movies, and 100 minutes really are long for the small progression we get in the story of Katie and Hunter. All in all it’s something that will please the fans, but if another PA gets made we do hope to get some more depth.

As said earlier, the image is a bit better than in previous movies thanks to the use of “newer technology” but it still doesn’t look good. We can’t really say this is a negative point for the transfer though, as it’s inherent to the type of movie. The sound does come with superior quality and without any issue you can hear every crack or boink in the house very well and this is a huge help to the buildup of tension.

Qua extras we get the extended version (woohoo! More waiting!) and 30 minutes of “recovered files” which contain even more footage as well as a few shock moments. As if you haven’t had enough paranormal activity after seeing the movie itself.


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