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When the sister of Sam Brown (Robert Patrick), a tracker, gets murdered, he leaves Alaska to go to San Francisco to find the killer. After visiting his sister’s appartment, he meets inspector Buckley Clarke (Lauren Holly) who tells him they’re dealing with a serial killer. When Sam quickly finds tracks of the killer, they decide to team up to help each other to find the murderer but not everyone in the police force is happy with having a tracker on board…

Sound and Vision:
Both image and sound are decent. HBO (a TV division of Warner) has penty of money for their productions and it shows in the technical quality of this movie. Compression errors and such are not present and the surround track is very atmospheric and dynamic while dialogues remain clear.


Robert Patrick, who we know from both The X-Files and Terminator 2, tries to keep this movie going but he doesn’t succeed. The rest of the cast acts terribly and the script is hilarious. HBO makes TV-movies but even for TV I find this movie to be boring, inconsistent and filled with too many standard items (everyone’s stupid except for the main characters). Technically there’s nothing wrong with this DVD but I must say that I’m happy there aren’t any extras as they would have only increased the time I had to loose while checking out the DVD for this review. Total crap that doesn’t do justice to Robert Patrick.

Our Score:

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