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Mel Gibson is Porter, a tough guy who does everything for money. When he gets shot by his doublecrossing wife and partner he survives and once he’s back to full strength, he’s out for revenge.

Payback is a no-nonsense movie about a lonesome hardened guy who wants to get even with the people that almost killed him and leaves a path of destruction everywhere he comes. Still, Payback isn’t a Stallone-like movie where the hero (or anti-hero in this case) blasts away thousands of enemies without even getting a scratch. Gibson plays Porter extremely good and shows that even a tough guy like he still has some feelings.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of Payback is very good. The grain that you see is deliberate and the movie is completely shot in cold blue colors to give an extra effect of toughness.

The soundtrack is a mix of sixties blues and the Dolby 5.1 track nicely uses all surround channels to spread both music and effects while dialogues come from the front speakers as they should.

Next to a couple of short interviews and a trailer there’s nothing.

Payback is a great movie for those longing for once again a straightforward movie without all the bullshit getting in the way of the storyline

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