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Perfect Creature SE

For 300 years, humans and vampires have lived together in harmony. The nosferatu were created after genetic experiments and have bonded together in a religious group called “The Brothers”. Their purpose is to give protect and serve humanity while giving us hope for a better world that is currently plagued by diseases formed after several failed genetic experiments. However, since there hasn’t been a new Brother born for years now, the government has sanctioned the Brothers to conduct genetic experiments again in secrecy in order to get new Brothers. One of these experiments, however, goes terribly wrong and results in the respected scientist Edgar becoming a true vampire who’s out for blood. While no vampire has ever killed a human being, Edgar starts a killing spree. The Brothers decide to send Edgar’s brother Silus after him but while Silus wants to stop Edgar, the latter wants Silus to join him and enslave humanity…

Sound and Vision:
Perfect Creature has very decent image quality with a good amount of detail, good contrast and plenty of detail. There aren’t any disturbing compression errors present and we didn’t spot any edge enhancement either.

The sound comes with a DTS track which does its job nicely.

A whole bunch of features are located on the second disk and give a decent view of how the movie was made. Of course DFW added also some less interesting stuff like Liner Notes and a photo gallery but we’ll forgive them for that this time 🙂

Perfect Creature has an interesting concept but unfortunately the movie is too slow and never really gets interesting. The cast plays like they’re living dead, the characters are as deep as cardboard and the combination of hi-tech with 17th century sceneries doesn’t really work all too well. Stylistically the movie is pretty good but as a whole it doesn’t convince. DFW delivers Perfect Creature in a nice metal case with good image and sound quality while for once the extras are better than usual as well. Only too bad the movie itself isn’t any better.

Our Score:

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