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Perfume 2-Disc SE

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born on the fish market in Paris and immediately left by his mother. When he gets sent to an orphanage the other kids immediately notice there’s something strange about him, but can’t really point out what it is. As he grows up, he notices that he has an extreme sense of scent while he himself has no body odeur. When one day he smells a beautiful woman, he wants to capture her scent but by accident kills her. This event marks a big change for him as he becomes obsessed with capturing the smell of people.

Sound and Vision:
The technical quality is very good without compression errors or any other problems that might occur with image while the DTS track adds a lot of atmosphere despite the movie being more dialogue-based.

– Cast & Crew interviews
– The Search for the locations
– Scent visualisations
– Work of the “director of photography”
– Dubbing
– Sound mixing

RCV has done a reasonably good job on the extras department with adding quite a few interesting ones that cover most parts of the production of this film.

Perfume – Story of a Killer is based on the book by Patrick Süskind and while there’s probably tons of people that won’t like the slow pace or special filming, I for one enjoyed it very much. It’s like a dark fairytale but not so one-sided as most we get to see in this genre. The characters are deep, the acting is very good, and the way the movie is shot is just fantastic. Since the movie is all about smell, it really isn’t easy to show that with images but the makers did pull it off here. You can almost smell everything yourself! Also on the extras we get some good stuff and RCV didn’t neglect the image and sound quality either. A top DVD!

Our Score:

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