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James is a typical nerd who has all but luck with the ladies. Because he’s tired of not being able to get laid, he goes to a Voodoo doctor who promises him that a ritual will make things all different. From now on he’ll have no problems seducing women but this will come at a price! When James returns back home to his dad Hezekiah, he finds his dad has gotten into a relation with a young woman, Cheryl. Before long, Cheryl is all over him but when suddenly people end up dead it becomes clear some strange things are happening. And what with James’ nightmares? Do they have something to do with all this?

Sound and Vision:
Pervert! has very decent image quality without compression errors, extremely bright and shiny colors and a decent amount of detail.

The sound comes with a 5.1 track but don’t expect much from this as the main focus is towards the front speakers and there are little special effects that use the surrounds or subwoofer.

– Film Posters
– Sexy Girls in Pervert!
– Actors in Action
– Behind the scenes
– Blood & Gore
– Director
– Stop Motion Animation

If you look at the list above it looks like there are quite some extras present but in fact these are all photo galleries. Seems we didn’t get the extras that are present on the other versions.

What’s worse than a porn movie? A porn movie that doesn’t show any decent sex! Pervert! is supposed to be a tribute to Russ Meyer, one of the godfathers of stop motion movie making, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good film. The storyline is… well… thin, while the acting is so bad it doesn’t even become funny again. This is one of those horror flics that are so bad they tend to become good but unfortunately I’ve seen better. What the people behind this movie probably didn’t understand is that we’re not in the beginning of the 80s anymore and that we’ve gotten used to better stuff.

I’m sure there are people out there that will love this film (former Fragland DVD reviewer Billieturf comes to mind) but I for one didn’t. While I do love the old cult horror flics from the 80s I love them for trying to make something good on an incredibly low budget. Pervert! on the other hand tries to recreate that atmosphere but doesn’t manage to even come close.

Paradiso delivers the movie with good image quality and acceptable sound but where did the extras from the other versions go to? I’ve heard Pervert! has some really good extras but they’re nowhere to be found on this release. A shame!

Our Score:

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