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Pink Panther, The

The popular coach of the French soccer team, Yves Gluant, gets murdered on the field and his Pink Panther diamond gets robbed. Chief Inspector Dreyfus requests Jacques Clouseau to investigate the matter in the hopes that Clouseau’s clumsiness can distract the press so that he himself can solve the murder in all quietness. Of course, Clouseau can’t be left to go on it alone so Dreyfus assigns Gilbert Ponton to look after the Clouseau and report back to him with everything they find.

Sound and Vision:
The only minor downpoint on the image is the use of some edge enhancement but other than that we really can’t say anything negative. There’s good contrast, nice level of black, decent shadow detail and plenty of detail present. A good transfer.

The surround channels are mostly used to create a more spacious atmosphere and support for the action scenes. The dialogues are nicely centered and the subwoofer supports where necessary.

– Audio commentary by director Shawn Levy
– Deleted Scenes
– Cracking the Case: feature where it becomes clear that Steve Martin didn’t try to imitate Peter Sellers when taking on the role of Jacques Clouseau
– Animated Trip: A more detailed look at the opening animation
– Deconstructing the Panther: a feature on the make-over of the Sorbonne University to the presidential palace
– “Killer” press-conference: behind the scenes look at the press conference where Clouseau gets introduced to the press
– Soccer Set-up: preparations for the murder scene on the soccer field
– Curtain Call: insight on the scene where Clouseau takes on an intruder that’s hiding behind the curtains in his office
– Alternate opening title sequence
– Music video: Beyoncé – Check on it
– Exclusive Beyoncé Performance
– Trailers

This remake of The Pink Panther can in no way be compared with the original movie. Although the slapstick comedy is pretty much of the same level as in the original, it clearly misses Peter Sellers in the role of Jacques Clouseau. Of course, one can question the decision to make a new Pink Panther without Sellers and that question would be very valid. After all, Peter Sellers IS Jacques Clouseau and has become an icon as such that is extremely hard to replace. Steve Martin does his best but his looks are too much over the top and miss the subtlety necessary for a good remake of this movie. On the technical side of things we can’t complain and also the extras are a nice addition.

Our Score:

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