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Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Years ago, Will Turned was found by the Governor in the middle of the sea, drifting on some wood from a sunken ship. Now, he’s a weapons smith and in love with the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knights). When the ghost ship Black Pearl suddenly arrives in port, the pirates under the lead of captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) head off to kidnap Elizabeth and although Will tries to stop them, he’s knocked out and has to watch them take her away. Quickly, it becomes clear that the pirates aren’t really interested in Elizabeth but in the pirate medallion she took from Will and hid from her father. Will makes an alliance with Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), the former captain of the Black Pearl, to get Elizabeth back and manage to take over the Black Pearl again. Together they hijack one of the ships of the navy and start pursuit of the Black Pearl after having gathered a couple of extra men. Unfortunately, they’ll need more than just a couple of men to get the Black Pearl again as the pirates are cursed and are in fact living dead.

Sound and Vision:
There are a lot of dark scenes but that doesn’t spoil the fun as the amount of detail is truly amazing. The image is very sharp and there’s no grain or white spots. The only minor downpoint (but you’ll have to look carefully to see it) is some aliasing.

The soundtrack is very dynamic and natural. All channels are used to the maximum and are nicely spread. Only the rear channels could have used some more spreading but that’s not really a problem.

We’ve got the 2-disc edition and start off with three audio commentary tracks. First of are the director together with Johnny Depp, secondly we get scenario writers Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie and Jay Wolpert and the third are scene-specific commentaries by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Keira Knightley and Jack Davenport. Scenario-scanner: you can play the disc while following the script next to it. Storyboard-viewer: same as with the scenario’s but now with storyboards

Disc 2 is where the main part of the extras is located. We start off with an interesting documentary that shows the usual stuff of a Making Of going from decors, costumes, computer effects, etc. Next up are 5 short B-roll featurettes after which you can check the “logbooks” where Bruckheimer tells how he shot a couple of pictures on the set and a 10 minute feature where one of the actors is shooting pictures with a handycam. The last of the logs is the story of the ship that was used to portray the Black Pearl. Then you can go on a virtual tour of a pirate ship after which you get a non-interactive tour of the same ship accompanied by a guide. This last is completely computer animated. Three minutes of bloopers and no less than 19 deleted scenes are added on the disc. Moonlight Serenade shows the computer effects behind the transformation of the pirates to zombies in the moonlight. Of course a whole bunch of scetches, photo’s and publicity material is also present in the galleries. Pirates of the Caribbean is also a ride in Disneyland and there’s a short feature on the different pirate attractions in the theme park. Some more history about the “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction is shown in yet another feature along with how the electronic puppets work If you haven’t had enough of the theme park ride you can also take a look at some drawings that were made to create the ride. Next up is a feature where you can “edit” a picture to a living corpse like in the movie and if you have never been in Disneyland or experienced the ride yourself, you can do so now through this virtual tour

Looking for a nice relaxing adventure movie with some funny twists, a buttload of extras and very decent image and sound quality? Look no further as Pirates of the Caribbean is what you need to get!

Our Score:

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