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Plague, The

Ten years ago, all children that were less than nine years old suddenly got into a coma and ever since all newborns have immediately gotten in the same condition. Nobody knows why or how this has happened and no cure has been found. Instead, the children have been nursed ever since. Exactly ten years after the disaster happened, all the children suddenly awaken, but they haven’t good anything good in their mind…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing special to say about the image. We didn’t spot any compression errors but it’s clear that this is a TV-movie. The amount of detail could have been better.

The sound comes in 5.1 but things sound a bit hollow and your surround system won’t be pushed in any way.


Think the storyline is a bit thin? Well, you’re correct and that’s not the only thing that could have used some more depth. The characters are made of cardboard and the plot is plain stupid. At no point will you ever feel any tension and the atmosphere that runs through the movie constantly screams “depression”. The biggest horror comes from the cast though. The difference between the zombie-children and the main cast seems to be the ability to speak but don’t expect anything decent to be said. James Van Der Beek is still trying to get rid of his Dawson’s Creek-image but all he’s doing with playing in crap like this is showing his inability to do some decent acting.

Combining Village of the Damned with Dawn of the Dead and adding a bit of “Stephen King’s The Stand” might be a basis for a good movie, but Clive Barker should stick to writing books as this piece of junk isn’t worth spending 88 minutes on.

Our Score:

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