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Planet of the Apes

Mark Wahlberg is Leo Davidson, a pilot who works at the space station Oberon where they experiment with genetically manipulated monkeys when suddenly out of nowhere an electromagnetic storm appears. He wants to fly in the storm to investigate, but his superiors see the opportunity fit to send one of the chimpansees named Pericles. When they loose contact with Pericles, Leo decides to rescue him and takes off. Once he enters the storm, he gets thrown into the future and arrives at a planet where evolution has somewhat been different than on earth: apes are the supreme rulers and mankind is used as slaves.

Leo gets caught but escapes together with a couple of other humans and they start on a journey to “Calima” where supposedly rescuers from the Oberon should be waiting for Leo to take him home. The apes under command of General Thade however, want to capture him and destroy all of mankind once and for ever.

Sound and Vision:
Some minor grain can be seen in a couple of scenes and the colors could have been brighter. For the rest, the image quality is good although overall the movie is very dark and could have used a bit more detail.

Qua sound there’s nothing to complain. Surround channels are well used and in split-sorround, both with the DTS and DD5.1 track. The DTS track is preferable due to a more aggressive sound.

This 2-disc edition is filled with extras, starting with audio commentary tracks with director Tim Burton and audio composer Danny Elfman (both without subtitles), enhanced viewing mode where extra information is given on how a certain scene of the film was created. Disk one finishes with cast&crew profiles and a dvd rom feature where you can compare the storyboard with the script. Also an easter egg can be found on disk one.

Disk two contains no less than 6 features on the different aspects of creating the movie, including training of the crew and chimpansees, makeup, costume designs, screen tests, soundtrack, locations and how they created the speed of movement for the monkeys. All this is good for over an hour and a half of viewing. Next to that, we also get a multi-angle featurette where we can check out several different locations from different angles, five extended uncut scenes and an HBO special featurette with some behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with cast&crew. Last in the lineup are trailers, posters, music promo, music clip and picture gallery

After 5 movies and a TV-series, Tim Burton found that he had to give his twist to the known story and remade the first Planet of the Apes movie. Although entertaining, this remake does not have the same quality as the original which is a classic. Great special effects and reasonably good acting cannot get rid of the fact that we miss tension throughout the movie. The ending itself on the other hand just cries out for a sequel to be made.

As a DVD release, you may want to check it out due to the high amount of extras, good sound quality and the special effects like the makeup for creating the apes

Our Score:

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