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Planet Terror 2-Disc SE

A small emergency room starts to get flooded with local people that seem to have been infected with some strange disease. When they start to transform in brain-eating zombies, it’s clear that all hell is about to break loose. Luckily there’s Wray and his girlfriend, go-go dancer, Cherry to save the day!

Sound and Vision:
What’s there to say about the image? Well, we didn’t spot any compression errors but for the rest just about any problem you can have with a dvd is present but since it’s intentionally due to the “grindhouse” nature we really can’t say anything bad.

The sound is nice with good use of all channels and a pretty active and dynamic track.

– 10-Minute Film School
– The Badass Babes of Planet Terror
– The Guys of Planet Terror
– Casting Rebel
– Sickos, Bullets and Explosions: The Stunts of Planet Terror
– The Friend, The Doctor and the Real Estate Agent
– Comic-Con 2006: Featuring the Directors & Cast of Grindhouse
– International Poster Gallery

All in all quite a nice collection of extras that are actually interesting to watch and cover most areas of the production. If you want to have more reasons to find Quentin Tarantino a pain in the ass and an obnoxious little man, then just check out the Comic-Con feature where you really get to see that Rodriguez just wants to do his job and loves it while Tarantino is truly a nerd who’s full of himself.

Where Tarantino mostly did his usual thing in Death Proof, Robert Rodriguez seems to actually know what Grindhouse is all about. With Planet Terror he’s made a great film that perfectly fits the idea of a low-budget crappy movie that’s so bad it becomes good again. Forget about the storyline’s inconsistencies, forget about the awful image quality (that’s done on purpose so bad), forget about the lack of depth in the characters and forget about the hilariously bad acting (that is so bad it actually is great!). Planet Terror shows what Grindhouse is all about and in the face to face confrontation between Tarantino and Rodriguez, the latter is the clear winner.

This 2-disc special edition comes with a nice batch of extras that are really worth checking out and I would love to see Rodriguez actually making “Machete” which you can see in the fake trailer at the beginning of the movie. Love it! A classic!

Our Score:

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