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PlayStation Move Heroes

Mix two or more succesful ingredients and the result won’t disappoint. Spare ribs with honey, check! The perfect combination of of RPG and shooter in Mass Effect 2, double check! Sony quickly noticed this formula for success and decided to experiment with some old familiars that were aking to enter the HD era. How too much good can end up badly is what you’ll read further on.

Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and Sly Cooper and Bentley: they all have had a glorious career up to now. Especially the adventures of the trigger happy Ratchet and the all-known metal friend have remained in our mind. Except for Sly’s HD remake the big platform icons Sly Cooper and Jak haven’t had a worthy successor yet on the Playstation3. Up to now, however, as Sly 4 has unofficially been announced through a mysterious trailer already.

Seeing the long-awaited encounter between the three duos from three different titles who used to be competitors, you expect to get an epic story. Sadly enough Nihilistic didn’t take that chance with both hands and have chosed to give the storyline a rather small priority. The colorful characters are literally torn from their own world to take part in an intergalactic contest. Only when successfully ending fifty missions or so they get to go back to their home base. Ok, the story is nothing more than a thin reason to immerse us in some motion-sensitive minigames.

In total there are five different minigames present and you’ll encounter them throughout the game in all sizes and shapes. With each mission you get the choice between either the lead characters or their sidekicks and the fun part is that your choice does make a difference on how the minigame goes. These play in four different worlds of which three are inspired on the levels of the lead characters. You’ll see Ratchet’s Metropolis, walk around in Sly Cooper’s Paris and have fun in Jak’s Haven City. Nihilistic has truthfully recreated the original worlds, something I personally see as a highlight of the game.

Indeed, it says a lot about the game and the gameplay when a graphical detail is seen as a highlight. The five minigames are just not worth it. They consist of bowling, throwing frisbees, shooting, hitting with a whip and some sort of hack&slash game. First of all you have the typical shooting game where you need to aim with the PS Move like in the Arcades towards your screen to make as much damage possible. Melee is some sort of hack&slash game where waving the controller around a bit is more than enough to get rid of the waves of enemies and the same can be said about the whip game. Although, I do have to admit that the physics of the whip work nicely, making you long for a decent Indiana Jones game.

With the bowling you have to imagine the Move to be a bowling ball which you can keep controlling even after throwing. Before time runs out you need to hit as many targets as possible and collect points. This minigame can be compared to Monkey Ball where while rolling you go through the level. Throwing frisbees is about the same, but with a frisbee and in the air! Revolutionary, no? One game is more fun than the other, but there’s little more to be found. At least we can say there were no problems with the controls and everything was smooth and without frustration.

You can also play the minigames with a partner which lengthens the potential fun with about fifteen minutes. Online functionality strangely enough is limited to leaderboards so don’t expect online multiplayer. The few unlockables you can get, including fashionable clothing, also don’t really help making things more interesting.

Overall this Playstation Heroes is qua content way too light. We’re sad to see Sony abusing such top characters for a collection of mediocre and ordinary minigames. Luckily Playstation Move owners have games like Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and LittleBigPlanet 2 to play with as this game certainly isn’t worth buying the controller for.

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