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Point Pleasant – The Complete Series

During a summer storm, Christina Nickson washes on the shore of the quiet town Point Pleasant. She gets saved by the local lifeguard Jesse and immediately they feel some kind of attraction between themselves. Christina manages to stay in town and live with the Kramer family as her dad doesn’t seem to care much about her and Christina is a welcome addition to the family who lost one of their daughters a couple of years ago and haven’t been able to get over that. Pretty quickly, it becomes clear that there’s more to Christina than meets the eye. Several of the inhabitants start acting strange and it’s clear that Christina has an influence on people which isn’t always a positive one. Little later, Lucas Boyd arrives in town and starts watching Christina. Nobody but him knows it, but Christina is the child of Satan and Boyd sees Point Pleasant as the perfect place to get her to turn evil and do what she’s created for: the destruction of earth.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is surprisingly good for a television show. The colors are extremely bright and the overall image is hair sharp. Not something we’re used to see in a TV series.

The sound is unfortunately only a 2.0 track but dialogues are clear and understandable.

– The Making of Point Pleasant: a very basic “Making Of” where the cast get to talk about their characters and the idea behind the storyline is explained as well as how the characters evolve. This is combined with footage from the series but overall this extra isn’t worth much.

Take “The Omen” (original), replace Damien by a reasonably goodlooking blonde puber and make her doubt on whether or not she wants to be evil. That’s in short the storyline behind Point Pleasant and surprisingly enough it works! Although the first episodes aren’t too great due to the fact that you get to know almost the entire plot right away, after a couple of them the series really starts rolling and becomes truly interesting to follow. The manipulation between all the different forces is a joy to watch and while you know the storyline pretty much from the beginning, there’s enough plot twists to make you want to keep watching. Also the buildup towards the end is extremely well done so that you get a grand finale that makes you want to see a next season. Unfortunately, the show has been cancelled so there probably won’t be any more. Fox released the series in a goodlooking cardboard box with very good image quality. Only too bad there’s only a 2.0 soundtrack present instead of 5.1. The Making Of that’s included is total crap so no need to check that out.

Our Score:

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