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Polar Express 3D, The

It’s December 24th with only 5 minutes to go before midnight. A little boy is in bed in his room, wondering where Santa is. He hasn’t written Santa this year as he’s been having doubts. Then suddenly, his room starts to shake and instead of Santa filling his socks with presents, an old steam train stops in front of the door. He curiously goes outside to find out that the train conductor has a retour ticket in his name to go to the North Pole…

Sound and Vision:
This Blu-ray disc contains a standard 2D as well as a 3D version for which 3D glasses are included.
The 2D version looks a little soft but that’s intentional to bring forth that nostalgic Christmas atmosphere. Grain, edge enhancement or compression artefacts are completely absent. If you look at the 3D version the screen is a lot darker due to the glasses and Warner therefore suggests to increase the brightness and completely darken the room. Add to that the fact that colors tend to go monochrome and that things don’t always look equally sharp and you can imagine the 3D version isn’t quite what you would want to see. It certainly doesn’t look like the 3D version you could check out at the movies.

The TrueHD mix is good with good and aggressive use of the surround speakers while dialogues remain clear and understandable at all times.

– The many faces of Tom Hanks
– Short movie : a real ticket
– True inspiration: the adventure of the author
– Josh Groban at the Greek
– Behind the scenes of ‘Believe’
– Meet the snow angels
– Polar Express challenge
– Extra song
– THQ game demo

A ton of extras that cover just about all important parts of the production process along with interesting tidbits and interview fragments with Tom Hanks and the main crew.

The Polar Express is an animated movie that perfectly fits with Christmas when you’ve got kids and they’ll absolutely love it. From a grown-up perspective the movie does miss something though that makes it not a real classic. The bonus of this blu-ray disc over the DVD is next to the image and sound quality the addition of the 3D version but unfortunately that isn’t so great. So if you’ve got the DVD already I wouldn’t bother with this Blu-ray release but if you haven’t got that this release is certainly worth getting.

Our Score:

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