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It’s New Year’s eve and the people on board the luxury cruiser Poseidon are preparing to head into the new year with a huge party. At least, that was the idea until a huge wave comes to interfere with things and turns the ship upside down. Tons of people get killed and when things settle down, the captain, who was present in the main lounge where the party was ongoing with most people present, starts following procedures, asking people to calm down and wait for a rescue team. A couple of people including professional gambler John Dylan and former fireman and mayor Robert Ramsey decide to not follow the captain’s requests and head towards the top (bottom?) of the ship in order to seek refuge. As the party heads off, it becomes clear that their path to the hull of the ship is filled with extreme dangers as explosions and the rising of the water are making things more difficult than they could have imagined.

Sound and Vision:
Except for some minor moiré that tends to show some times, the image quality is very good without any compression errors and good amount of detail. Also the contrast is good and things look pretty sharp.

The soundtrack is decent but could have used a bit more punch which could have been achieved by using a higher bitrate (which was possible seeing the available space on the disk)

Poseidon: A Ship in a Recording Studio: Electronic Press Kit that gives some promotional information on the movie including interview fragments with cast & crew as well as some B-roll footage. The usual Hollywood blabla is present but the feature does contain some interesting info

Poseidon is a remake of “The Poseidon Adventure” from 1972. While the original had some good acting and pretty immersive storyline and characters that could bring some (if even a little) emotional bonding from the viewer, this remake is a laugh. The main characters are as deep as cardboard and the entire cast seems to have been using the book “Acting for Dummies” while doing their job in this film. Except for the visual effect of the ship getting hit by the giant wave, there’s little of interest to be found and the whole experience is more laughable than interesting to watch.

Universal delivers a decent package but one can wonder how important that is when the movie itself is crap. Too bad to see “Das Boot” director Wolfgang Petersen not being able to make something more of the base material.

Our Score:

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