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Postal – Director's Cut

The life of the Postal dude is all but great. He can’t manage to get a job and when he returns to his trailer after having gotten some milk he finds out his wife, Fat Bitch, is cheating on him. With nothing to lose he decides to accept the offer of his uncle Dave. Dave, leader of a cult has run into some tax problems and needs money quickly so he’s come up with a plan to steal the last batch of a popular doll in order to pay off the US government and become insanely rich at the same time. Unfortunately also the Taliban have their eyes set on the dolls as they want to use them to spread a deadly disease…

Sound and Vision:
The image is very bright and shiny and doesn’t have any issues with compression errors. The amount of detail is good and we can only say that this blu-ray release is pretty decent.

The same goes for the sound which nicely uses the surround speakers and subwoofer to support all the action.

– Audio commentary by Uwe Boll
– Featurette
– Behind the scenes
– Gag Reel
– Deleted Scenes
– Music Video

Nothing really special

Postal is based on the popular and infamous videogame made by Running with Scissors and has hardly a decent storyline, decent acting or anything that makes a movie good. And that’s exactly in line with the spirit of the game which features the same things! As such, Postal can be put along the lines of movies like Braindead and Bad Taste which are so bad that they become good again. Boll hasn’t explored comedy before but he should do it more. Without a doubt, Postal is the best movie we’ve ever seen from Uwe Boll eventhough it’s still not up to par to those mentioned above.

Our Score:

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