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Powerpuff Girls Movie, The

The city of Townsville is under siege. Crime lurks everywhere and nobody seems to be capable of turning things around.One of the people living in Townsville is The Professor who’s sad to see the whole town being in the grip of evil. One day he comes home and starts making a coktail with several different ingredients but his pet monkey accidentally crashes everything and Chemical X is added to the mix.After a huge explosion, three cute little girls appear. The Professor names them Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup and instantly starts shopping to have everything in house for being the good father he wants to be. However, it quickly becomes clear that the girls are more than girls. They have special powers like the ability to fly and enormous strength.When they go to school, everything starts out nicely until they learn the game of “tag”. They get completely into it and start using their super powers for chasing each other. When they’ve ended their game, the city of Townsville is completely turned into ruins and the people turn against the girls.Feeling hated, the powerpuff girls wander around until they meet Jojo. The Professor’s Monkey also mutated because of the explosive mix with Chemical X and now he’s got an enormous brain sticking up from his head. Because people hate the way he looks, he decided to go into exile but now that the girls have found him, he suggests to make a machine which would help the people of Townsville to like mutants and make Townsville a better place.The girls don’t mind helping Jojo make Townville a better place so they start building the machine but once finished, it becomes clear that Jojo’s intentions are all but good.Together with an army of monkeys, Mojo Jojo (as he calls himself) wants to take over Townsville and become supreme ruler.Only the Powerpuff Girls are capable of freeing Townsville from its new dictator, but will they help those that have made them feel hated ?

Sound and Vision:
The DVD has the original 1.85:1 format and has very good image quality. Sharpness is excellent, loads of hefty colors, great contrast and solid level of black. No problems of noise, grain, dirt or damage are present.

The Soundtrack is nice as well with good spreading of the sound, pounding music that uses subwoofer very well and clear dialogues. Well-done!

We start off with “Interviews with the actors” where Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, Mojo Jojo and the Mayor each get a short time to tell something about their experiences with making the movie. Not really interesting but funny to see. Next up is a cartoon from Dexter’s Laboratory which is pretty hilarious. The “Behind the Scenes” where director Craig McCracken tells about the production of the movie is interesting but way too short. Last we get the original trailer. Interesting stuff but definitely too short. We wouldn’t have minded to get some more.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie shows us the very beginning of this popular cartoon series. The graphics are clearly better than the TV-shows and the technical quality of the DVD is excellent. A true showing of Warner quality! Only downpoint is the fact that the extras are way too short.

Our Score:

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