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Six friends head to the Australian outback to investigate some rock paintings that have been hidden for centuries. Little do they know that they’re actually a warning for an ancient evil that’s been dormant for ages.

Little after their arrival, one of them, Mel, decides to go for a swim in a nearby pond, only to become ill after having been “attacked” by blood suckers. Mel starts getting a high fever, starts bleeding and her teeth start to fall out. They decide Mel needs to get to the hospital, but insects have eaten away the tires of the car, leaving the friends stuck in the middle of nowhere. When Mel regrades into a completely primal predator with fangs instead of teeth, it’s clear that they’re in for a fight for their survival.

Sound and Vision:
Overall, the movie looks rather decent but there are some minor artefacts and noise present. Flesh tones are natural and the imagery is lifelike.

The sound comes with a decent 5.1 track that does what it needs to do given the low budget type of movie. Dialogues (and screams) are crystal clear and we get some atmosphere-enhancing coming from the rear. Nothing special though.


Primal is a low budget horror movie that doesn’t come without flaws. There’s on explanation what so ever why there’s a transformation (going primal) or what it has to do with the evil in the cave as such. Without giving any spoilers, it’s safe to say that there’s are some big holes in the plot.

However, how many low budget horror flicks do not have this issue? If you can look past that, you get a rather decent – although unoriginal – scare movie which runs on tension pretty well.

The cast isn’t great, but the director managed to get out of them what he can and as a result, Primal is a fun movie to watch, given that you need to like this genre

Our Score:

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