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Primeval Season 1

When suddenly a supposed dinosaur is spotted in the Forest of Dean, professor Nick Cutter, his assistent Stephen Hart, and his brilliant student Connor Temple, go on-site to investigate. Also lizard lover Abby Maitland is roaming the forest in the meantime as a local boy seems to have discovered a new breed of lizard. The foursome meet up and not long after that they find an anomaly that seems to have made a bridge between our time and the prehistoric era…

Sound and Vision:
The first couple of episodes contain quite a lot of (intentional?) grain but for the rest the image quality is very good. Nice colors, good depth and shadows, accompanied with quite a high level of detail. Just as we like it.

The series comes with a 5.1 soundtrack despite on the box only a 2.0 track being listed. The sound is pretty good with clear dialogues and quite a good amount of use of the surround speakers. The subwoofer also gets quite a lot of attention and that’s something we definitely can appreciate.


Primeval had a budget of six million British pounds and that’s quite a lot for a UK-German co-production that only has six episodes. However, most of the budget was spent on the dinosaurs and it looks like there was little left for the rest. The cast could use some acting lessons, the comedy is a bit dull and overall the characters are stereotypes that could use some more depth.

Still, don’t let that put you off completely. If you’re looking for a fun series that doesn’t need you to think too much, is qua simplicity around the level of Doctor Who, and you don’t have anything better to do, then Primeval is an excellent sweetner to keep you busy until some better series pop up.

Our Score:

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