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Prince of Darkness

After a priest dies, Father Loomis finds out the man had been keeping a terrible secret hidden for years. Loomis contacts quantum physicist Howard Birack and the two decide to set up shop in the church of the priest to find out what exactly is happening. Together with a couple of his top students, Birack starts investigating only to find out that the son of Satan is awakening and will be bringing back his father to earth once he’s fully recovered. As time passes, the students either get killed or possessed and time is running out for the good guys to stop evil from entering this world.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains quite some grain, lacks detail and has a couple of compression errors. It’s clear that this movie was made on a very low budget and Universal didn’t seem to see the need to polish things up a bit before releasing it on dvd.

The sound is quite sharp and although the dialogues are still clear and understandable, the sound level of the music is a bit off at times. Also, I don’t know if it’s intentional (didn’t see the movie originally) but at the beginning of the film there are several scenes where you see people talking but can’t hear them thanks to the music.


The idea behind John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness is quite cool. Satan and God being aliens is a cool thing to make a movie about. However, despite the fact that the film might have been scary back in the days, it’s clearly had its best time. The movie is too slow-paced and the acting is quite terrible. Also the film just keeps going on and on without new elements being thrown at the viewer which makes for a quite dull experience. Prince of Darkness is seen by some as on of Carpenter’s best movies ever but eventhough that may have been the case in 1987, it sure as hell isn’t anymore today.

This one clearly didn’t withstand the tooth of time and you should really think about that when thinking of getting this release

Our Score:

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