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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

The Professor Layton games are a bit like James Bond movies. You love them or you don’t, you know what to expect and each one of them is put together in a professional way. Also this newest has again that brilliant mix of excellent puzzles, an immersive story with the necessary unbelievable twists and funny situations, fun characters and a drawing style that’s really great. That this genre is perfectly fit for the DS is of course something we’ve gotten used to, but nonetheless it keep adding to the success of the series.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future starts when the professor receives a message that can only come from his friend Luke, but a version that lives ten years into the future. What follows is an even more absurd and fantasy-filled story than usual in which our puzzle lovers will quickly find themselves in a future London where the professor has unveiled new and darker sides of himself. Plenty of reason for the makers to give you more puzzles than ever; after all the idea is still that everything and everyone needs a solution before something happens or before they help you out.

Just like in its predecessor the structure of the game is put together nicely. Missed puzzles are nicely kept and both story and map can always be followed in your diary. This time there are three minigames if you want a beak and those that finish the game can buy more gear with their Picarats. Together with the downloadable extras you’ll get enough bang for your buck. Also the help coins are again present and the styles will be making overtime trying to get one to jump up. The hints are clearer this time and you can never get stuck because you get the answers almost thrown in your lap after paying a few coins. Getting frustrated is no longer an option.

The main attraction of course remains the over 150 puzzles that are nicely divided over the different types. Think of mazes, puzzles that need logic, calculations or memory tests. Something for everyone, literally and the possibility to scratch over the puzzles with your stylus has been expanded with different colors and thickness. With a DSi XL in your hand this option works even better and handier of course.

Also the presentation has become even more beautiful with gorgious cut-scenes, coloful surroundings and detailed characters, objects, rooms and more. Even the puzzles are real pearls at times. We were charmed and the decent soundtrack only added to that.

In short this is again an absolute suggestion for you, your brain, your parents, your aunt and uncle, your little nephew and your genious dog. Excellent puzzles, a beautiful presentation with an immersive and charming story, and more hours of fun than you expected. We’re already looking forward to the next adventure of Professor Layton.

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