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Project IGI

Aaaaah, 3D Shooters, my favorite genre ever since Q2 hit the stores. There’s been allotta hype bout this one on the net. So when I got the full version, I was kinda eager to find what the hype was all about.
First of all, Project IGI (I’m going in) is a 3D shoot’em up like Delta Force, but it’s supposed to bet much better. In my opinion that is not really so hard since I never liked the Delta Force series.
Since the game is based on a flight simulator engine (not kidding u here), it gives u a huge sense of freedom and the opportunity to take on each mission as u like it. For an example, u can go round the enemies, kill one instead of 10 and still do the job. For me it’s more of a tactical shooter, which is a good thing when I see the gameplay of the upcoming Serious Sam game.

First, we need a little story. Russians…. Atom bomb …. Stolen ….. Terrorists …. Someone needs to go get it …. Guess who :] … Things don’t turn out he way u want them to.
The background story is far from original, but the plot is very intense and never gets boring. No points lost here cause the whole story is wrapped nicely into the game with pretty impressive in game animations.

The graphs are licked and in most of the levels u get a few amazing views. Wide open fields, realistic hills, a village far away, etc… I never ever before had the feeling that there was no end to the level, and this deserves a big cheer for the IGI team ‘cause it gives the game a surplus on all upcoming shooters.
Explosions are nicely done and the smoke FX are awesome me thinks. The detail of the characters is pretty nice especially in higher resolutions and 32-bit mode. The enige is also nicely tuned since the game still runs smooth on a lower system.
Still no points lost till here, is IGI living up to the hype?

Then we come to the sound. Well, again, nothing wrong here. Everything sounds like its supposed to be and some guns just rock when it comes to sound.
When u walk on dirt, it sounds like… ur walking on dirt!!!! (for as far as I know how that sounds :]).
Enemies screaming at u, guns shooting from all angles, alarm-sirens going on and off, bullets impacting near u, etc… its all there and sounding A-OK :]
Is this game really worth all the hype? Is this the next big thing? Who knows…

On to the gameplay, this is were most shooters come in short. For me, gameplay in a shooter consists of three things.
First we have the feel, and yes, it’s there. Walking , jumping, strafing, zooming shooting. U name it, it’s there and feeling good. The last game that felt this way was Q3. This is something personally for me, so if u didn’t like Q3, that’s no reason not to like IGI .
Second we have the AI. And it’s here that Project IGI forgets to score. The AI is shamefully basic. This in times were AI is the most important aspect of the game since most of them have nice graphs. Lemme just give u an example: Level 3: I’m walking towards a base, see a guard and I try to go round him so I can get in position to snipe. When I’m there, I zoom and shoot my last bullet, it impacts right before his nose and he just keeps staring at it for a while and then walks on like nothing happened. A bit later another guard spots me (so far so good), and starts yelling at me, I take two steps back and get out of his line of sight, so he stops and goes on with his patrol… I’m really sorry but that is something that shouldn’t happen anymore. Especially when u know that Half Life was a masterpiece of AI dated over a year ago :[.
At this point IGI loses a lot of points and proves not to be worthy of all the hype.
The last point of importance in gameplay for a 3D shooter is the Multiplayer. This could make a hell of a counterstriky like game but nothing of that. After a long search it seems there is no Multiplayer support at all!!!!! This could have saved the title for a bit, but now it isn’t half the game it could have been…

To conclude : This game is good, but it could have been very good and maybe even the best, but a lack of AI and Multiplayer makes this title just above average. If u like shooting games, just try this, but I warn u, it’s not complete as the hype says it is.

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