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Prophecy: Forsaken, The

Allison is still in the posession of the Lexicon, the self-writing book that will tell date and name of the Anti-Christ as well as how Armageddon ends. While the devil himself really looks forward to Armageddon, the Angels aren’t too pleased with the fact that God himself will love the humans that survive Armageddon more than them so Seraphin Stark goes to earth and recruits hitman Dylan to get rid of Allison in the hopes that he can get his hands on the Lexicon to know the name of the Anti-Christ and stop Armageddon from happening. Again, Allison sees herself fleeing from two sides that are equally bad to her…

Sound and Vision:
The image is decent although not spectacular. The amount of detail is sufficient and at no time did we spot any compression errors that spoiled the viewing pleasure.

The soundtrack comes in Dolby Digital 5.1 but doesn’t really impress.


The Prophecy: Forsaken is the 5th part in this series and as said in our review of part 4, we miss Christopher Walken as the bad guy. Instead, this time we get Tony “Candyman” Todd who doesn’t really manage to convince. Of course, the devil himself, John Light is still present but in a rather minor role while Jason Scott Leigh gets to play some sort of zombie that struggles with his faith. This just to say that although Forsaken does manage to be better than “Uprising” (part 4) it still comes nowhere near the level of the first three movies and the fact that both part 4 and 5 are made in the same year only supports that. Kari Wuhrer does look fine though…

Our Score:

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