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Prophecy: Uprising, The

The forces of good and evil are still battling on earth and when Bukarest cop Dani gets teamed up with interpol agent John, he quickly discovers his new partner isn’t who he says he is. In fact, nothing is as it seems and before Dani realises it, he’s in the middle of a battle between demons who are after a book that supposedly contains the last part of the bible which states how the world ends.

Sound and Vision:
Little to say here. The image is reasonable and the same can be said about the soundtrack. Nothing special.


After three Prophecy movies featuring Christopher Walken as badass angel Gabriel, RCV delivers us a fourth part in the Prophecy series. Unfortunately, this last part should not have been made. The storyline is quite boring and has plot twists that are hardly interesting. For the rest there’s little else to say that’s positive either. Please don’t let another sequel be created!

Our Score:

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