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Proposition, The

After a bloody murder and rape in a small town in the Australian outback, Charlie Burns and his brother Mikey decide to split with their older brother Arthur and the rest of his gang. Little later, however, the two are captured by Captain Stanley who gives Charlie a proposition: capture and kill his older brother Arthur, and he and Mikey are set free…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a bit of edge enhancement but nothing that’s really too bothering. We didn’t see any compression errors but a point of note is that overall the image looks a bit yellow. This seems to be intentional to coincide with the vast Australian outback but it does look strange at times (Guy Pearce’s face after he gets captured is the best example).

The soundtrack comes in 5.1 Dolby Digital and it does its job but nothing more.

– Making Of
– Introduction & Scenario
– Characters
– Research & History
– Themes
– The Shooting

The extras are quite good but you have a choice to make: either you watch the “Making Of” or you check out all the other ones. The Making Of is in fact a summary of all the other features added with some movie footage. As such not a bad thing but seeing the same things over and over again isn’t all too interesting. Up to you to make the choice 🙂

From time to time you’re watching a movie and suddenly you realise that you’re actually looking at a piece of art. That’s exactly what happens with The Proposition. The opening scene makes you think you’re seeing just another hardboiled western with tons of shootouts but then the actual story begins and you start noticing the philosophical theme that’s set by Nick Cave who wrote scenario and combines this with extremely atmospheric music. Add to that the fantastic filming of the Australian outback landscapes that often look like pictures and you’ve got one hell of a cinematic experience. But that’s not where it stops! The storyline is equally great with a seemingly simple plot that shows just how “civilized” the Australians were during the colonization of the country and a cast that perfectly does their job in creating characters that are good nor bad. The only sad thing is that this isn’t a well-known movie so a lot of people will miss it.

A-Film delivers a simple-looking box but with good image & sound quality while the extras are also definitely worth taking a look at.
A must-have for any movie lover!

Our Score:

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