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Publisher: “Titus”

Lotus Challenge

Lotus Challenge isn’t about simply driving fast – to be part of Team Lotus you need to have style, panache and skill as well. The game has a strong story which sees you performing a number of astounding driving feats, ranging from jumping through trains on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster, to chauffering a […]


Top Gun: Combat Zones

With more than 36 missions, including academy tutorial, Top Gun lets you experience every single situation a jet fighter pilot can have. High-altitude dogfights, low-flying blitz attacks, military and civil rescues, City/Arctic/Night/Day missions…you’ll have to fight against dozens of different airborne and ground-based enemies to prove worthy of the Top Gun Pilot rank



Forget about the all-too-similar contemporary F1 cars, Downforce features 27 modified F1 cars designed for speed. Crash them and you’ll know about it with fully deformable bodies recreating realistic high-speed impacts. Topping up the excitement quota, all the tracks are based in cities. No more deadly dull Hockenheim to ruin all the fun. It’s like […]