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After a failed robbery, the Blackjack Britton (Eric Roberts) gang escapes from a raiding party through a sand storm. When the sand lays down, they arrive in a small town called Refuge in the middle of nowhere, where the people seem to be very friendly. The gang, posing as cowboys who have been attacked by apaches, are welcomed by the sheriff who offers them a stay at the local hotel and the possibility to have free drinks in the saloon as they don’t have much money.

This strange behaviour of the town’s people by giving away stuff for free isn’t the only thing Britton and his gang notice. Not even the sheriff is carrying any weapons and the town seems like a sitting duck for a major robbery. However, the town has a terrible secret and Britton has no idea what he’s getting himself into…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some print damage still present and especially the intro sequence contains quite some compression problems but other than that we can’t really complain about the image quality.

The soundtrack isn’t anything special. Decent sound without too much effects. Not really necessary to have 5.1


Purgatory has a very interesting concept and is, for a TV movie, very well made with a decent cast. Although it’s a Western, a lot of people might find it interesting even if they’re not fan of the genre. The image and sound are decent although not spectacular. Some compression errors (especially in the beginning) do spoil the fun a bit sadly enough. Too bad there aren’t any extras, a “making of” with information on where the idea behind the movie came from would have been very nice

Our Score:

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