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There are people amongst us with special abilities and ever since the second World War, they’ve been hunted and captured in order for Division to turn them into soldiers.

Nick Gant is a so-called Pusher who saw his dad get killed by Division when he was only a little boy and he’s been on the run ever since. The last hting his dad told him was that when a young girl would give him a flower, he would need to help her in order to help them all.

Years later, Nick is in Hong Kong when Cassie Holmes comes knocking on his door saying that he needs to help her in finding a woman who’s got an extremely important box they need to get their hands on before Division does. Nick reluctantly decides to help but before he knows it Division is back on his trail…

Sound and Vision:
This blu-ray has very good image quality with plenty of detail, sharp images, no grain and no compression errors. The special effects are also a feast to watch and there’s absolutely nothing bad to be said.

The soundtrack nicely uses all surround speakers as well as the subwoofer and the pounding special effects really are a joy to listen to.

– Making Of
– Deleted Scenes + optional audio commentary
– Trailer

Push sounds as a pretty standard action hero movie that focuses on special effects but after 15 minutes or so you start understanding that there’s so much potential present that at least a couple of sequels or maybe even a TV-series can follow. The acting is decent and although some scenes tend to be a bit boring the storyline manages to keep you interested up to the end.

Push isn’t as revolutionary as The Matrix was in the beginning but the concept is really well worked out and I can’t wait to see the story continue in either a sequel (or multiple) or a TV series. It’s like Heroes, but better!

Our Score:

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